Welcome to Alsattaryah 

Al-Sattaryah Group is one of the leading companies in the field of IT in the Middle East through the provision of integrated sets of products and services, consulting and applied in the field of information technology using the latest technologies and adopting the best methods of international quality standards in the production and implementation processes which ensure the provision of high quality solutions The ease of dealing and meeting the needs of the institutions of the control, management and quick access to the information to be more capable on the competition taking into account the factor of cost, time and return on investment of these organizations. We are a company specialized in the design and establishment of integrated systems that are specialized in the commercial, industrial and service sector, where we have integrated programs and systems that organize the documentary cycle and the work progress in institutions and companies very accurately, which saves time and effort and helps the decision maker within the company to implement plans and define future visions. We have a professional team at the highest level to serve our clients from training, supervision and periodic follow-up.