Accounts Payable System


  • The Accounts Payable System monitors all movements and transactions related to payments and supplier accounts. The system works in an integrated manner with both the purchasing system and the general accounts system at different levels, at the system level as a whole or the account groups or at the level of each document. And suppliers in the form of multi-level packages allowing access to all analytical reports at multiple levels.
  • The possibility of defining multiple reconstruction periods, which allows for the extraction of debt reconstruction reports at different periods.
  • The system of payments accounts supports multiple currencies.
  • The system is characterized by the possibility of using cost centers - multi-level
  • For further analysis, the system supports the identification and use of multi-level activities / projects.
  • The system supports handling of multiple payment patterns..Consumer, Open Credit, Credit Limit, Credit Cards.
  • The system enables the ability to monitor and control all receipts of transactions
  • Cash / Futures Invoices. Cashback / Futures.
  • Payment bonds, discount and add-on notices.
  • Monitoring and monitoring the movement of bank accounts in different currencies in different banks.
  • The system allows tracking checks to be collected, rejected and extracted.
  • A robust system of financial and analytical reporting with the possibility of setting the required analysis parameters for all movements of payments to follow up the cash flow and due payments. The system also provides the possibility to extract all analytical reports related to the movement of payments in addition to the statements and accounts, and the invoices / installments payable and the movement of collection and rejection of checks.
  • All reports can be extracted at different analytical levels, at the level of the accounts / accounts / cost / project / activity groups.