Fixed Assets System


  • The fixed asset system follows up all movements and operations of fixed assets from the stage of purchase and registration of the asset to the sale or termination of the service. The system works in an integrated manner with the system of general accounts at different levels, at the system level in general or asset groups.
  • The system allows you to open an infinite number of accounting periods simultaneously with the possibility of opening / closing previous / subsequent periods.
  • The system supports the possibility of specifying the types and levels of codes as well as the possibility of defining all types of documents used within the system.
  • The system is characterized by the possibility of classifying fixed assets in the form of multi-level groups, allowing access to all analytical reports at multiple levels. With the possibility of distributing fixed assets on the company's sites at multiple levels.
  • The system supports multiple companies with the possibility to distribute and inventory the assets of each company on their various sites and aggregation at multiple levels.
  • The system also features the possibility of registering insurance companies for each asset, insurance policy numbers, values and premiums.
  • The system allows you to monitor and control all movements of fixed assets from:
  • Calculate depreciation automatically in multiple ways (fixed premium, decreasing premium)
  • Track asset-to-site asset movements.
  • Adjust asset values due to the movement of additions and exclusions on the asset.
  • Asset restructuring due to consolidation / asset division
  • Sale / termination of asset service with subsequent financial results.
  • Access to statistics and analytical reports at any time with different analytical perspectives without having to carry out a migration with the possibility of representation graphically.
  • A powerful financial and analytical reporting system with the possibility of setting the required analysis parameters for all asset movements
  • All reports can be extracted at different analytical levels, at asset / asset / location / insurance group level.