General Ledger System

The system of general accounts is the basis of the system as an integrated solution which receives all the financial information from the rest of the systems interactively.


  • The system supports unlimited number of companies with aggregated results at any level.
  • Multi-Level Accounts Manual Cost Centers - Multi Level.
  • The system allows you to open an infinite number of accounting periods simultaneously with the possibility of opening / closing previous / subsequent periods.
  • The system allows you to open any number of analytical journals with the ability to control the shape and quality of the sequence of constraint numbers every day.
  • The possibility of defining all the different types of documents used by the company.
  • The system supports multiple currencies with the ability to process currency differences automatically.
  • For further analysis, the system supports the possibility of defining and using activities .. Multi-level projects.
  • The system supports the possibility of defining an infinite number of analytic numbers - multi-level, which is considered as a higher analytical level than the assistant professor.
  • The system supports different types of daily constraints: Reverse ... Impotent ... Recursive ... Distributive.
  • The ability to migrate / cancel the migration by date or the registration number for each day is restricted by security levels.
  • Access to statistics and analytical reports at any time with different analytical perspectives without having to carry out a migration with the possibility of representation graphically.
  • The system supports budget budgeting at multiple levels of the company / cost center / activity / project for analytical comparisons.
  • A robust financial and analytical reporting system with the possibility of setting the required analysis parameters.
  • The possibility of obtaining all analytical reports before / after the migration and comparison with the estimated budgets or with previous financial periods to extract the ratios and values of changes and deviations.
  • The system supports all reports and financial and closing statements
  • Audit Balance - Trading List. Playlist - Playlist and Trade.
  • Income statement - Statement of cash flows - Statement of income - Balance sheet.