Inventory Management System


  • Inventory control is one of the main pillars of the success and stability of the institutions. Therefore, the inventory control system takes care of the control and control of all stock movements of companies in various activities. The system works in an integrated manner with all:
  • Of the sales system and the procurement system as well as the system of general accounts at different levels, at the system level in total or at the level of stores or at the level of groups of items. Or the level of quality of the movement and the possibility of dividing the code of the category into sections (maximum 20 clips) and each section represents a classification of the class
  • The nature of each section is determined by whether it is "fixed text" or "defined data" so that the user can define the data for each section in advance before defining the items and choosing one of these data for each category when defined.
  • When extracting category reports, items can be selected in a section, such as extracting the movement of stocks with a specific taxonomic type.
  • View traffic reports / balances for a section, you can extract a report of each section's individual counts or intersect several sections together.
  • The possibility of defining and defining all forms and levels of codes in the system, branches, stores, groups, varieties
  • The system is characterized by the ability to classify and categorize items in the form of multi-level collections, allowing access to analytical reports at multiple levels.
  • The system supports the handling of different types of warehouse, warehouse or service combinations, and the system is characterized by the possibility of following several methods to calculate the cost of the goods: - average, shipments (whether first disbursed first or lastly paid first or optional).
  • The system supports all definitions and category determinations from the unit of measurement of the item, minimum order, main category number, multiple suppliers, maximum discount and profit margin (%). The system also supports the monitoring of all stock movements of the proceeds and disbursements and transfers (and returns)
  • As well as movements of the reservation of items and treatment of the loss and stock inventory and warehouse adjustments with the possibility of definition of different types of each movement.
  • The system is characterized by the possibility of assembling / dividing several types / categories for the production of new varieties / categories with the possibility of adding additional costs or expenses of labor, packaging ... In order to calculate the actual cost of the produced items and further analysis the system is able to use branches / cost centers / - A strong system of financial and analytical reports with the possibility of setting the required analysis parameters for all movements of stores at different levels: stores / groups / categories / branches / projects / cost centers. In addition to all follow-up and analysis reports for movements and balances, the system supports important analytical reports for stock valuation, speed / turnover of items and stagnant items.