P.O.S System


First the basic files

  • Construct the cupboards and connect them to the branch
  • Create POS points and link them to the branch treasury and link them to their account as a fixed asset
  • Create shifts
  • The establishment of the casher and the introduction of its work schedule hours and point of sale, which will work with the determination of the powers of each cashier
  • Determining the permissions of sellers, managers and treasurers
  • The possibility of working different offers of items, whether for a branch or a group of items or a specific category, provided that these offers either quantity discount or two or two together and from the date to the date

Second, P.O.S

  • Ability to handle special terminals such as Cash Drawer, Customer Display, Receipt Printer and Balance to fit point machines.
  • The possibility of tach screen with the possibility of shaping the screen by the user
  • Handling cash payment and dealing with all types of credit cards for more than one way in one invoice. And use of magnetic card reader
  • Start Shift and deliver the cash deposit to each Cashier
  • Accounting reports of each vendor (treasurer) separately and f. Match fund and transfer the differences to the seller's accounts at the end of each shift
  • Selling units and different charges in one invoice
  • Open any number of invoices and record them simultaneously and move between them and put any of them on hold until the customer finishes
  • The possibility of suspending the sales bill
  • Screen lock capability when you move away from the program to keep your work confidential
  • Perform all possible discounts varieties
  • Permanent discount for some premium customers
  • Automatic deduction of the sum of the points of the invoice consisting of the set of points gained from the sale of several items.
  • Discount on all assets of the branch for a specified period
  • A discount on a customer's purchase package so that if a certain number is reached, an instant purchase voucher will be issued to the customer to pay for
  • Ability to display item image
  • Direct and indirect connection with warehouse system.
  • Direct and indirect linkage with the accounting system.
  • An option for instant printing as soon as you read the items so that the customer does not have to stand up frequently to print his bill and save time to open a new invoice.
  • The possibility of printing the invoice twice in case of immediate printing so that it is a copy of the customer and a copy of the seller.
  • A screen to inquire about the price of any material without being affected by the invoice, with the possibility of approving the material directly inquired by the invoice.
  • The possibility of editing the payer screens, the rest, the total and the discount, and arrange them to be placed in the appropriate place and size so that the client screen can be dispensed with.
  • There is a password for the discarder so that it can not be returned unless authorized by the supervisor.
  • Possibility of delivery of the fund (treasurer and then accountant) in two phases so that the sales of each seller are strictly controlled.
  • The possibility of receipt of the Fund by currency categories so that automatically collected at the end (10 - 20 50 - 100 - .....).
  • The presence of many controls on the sellers so as to prevent manipulation and dodging (not opening the fund only after the storage of the invoice - not to close the invoice only after storage - ......).
  • The possibility of cash transfer between the sellers so that the delivery slip shows the transferring seller and the cash-transfer seller.
  • Ability to use DATA COLLECTOR reader
  • The possibility of operating each point of sale isolated from the server so that the server failure does not cause the network to fail and complete the process of updating the data with the server in a scheduled and automated
  • Reports on the sales of each treasury and in each period and with each seller and every point of sale and each chef