Payroll System


  • The special salary program is designed according to the labor and labor laws in the Kingdom and in the social insurance account and the labor law.
  • The special salary system allows the program to enter the actual data according to the rules of each company. The program bears the burden of calculating the net salaries of employees, social insurance account and labor gain tax by defining certain constants such as:
  • Payment cycle where the start of the payment / payment period is defined (day _ week _ month) / method of calculation (salary _ hours)
  • Definition of salary terms The types of salary items that are used to calculate employees' salaries are defined as well as their nature if they are added or deducted. The method of calculating this salary is defined if the value or ratio of another salary is defined as a minimum and a maximum limit for that individual.
  • Definition of sanctions as well as linking them as a percentage or number of days of a specific salary.
  • Defining the various daily processes to the system such as / attendance detection, daily departure / absence registration / delays / penance on employee / disbursement of advancements and stamping under salary account ...... etc
  • Payroll works as the system calculates salaries payable to employees according to the daily variables introduced during the month. The system also calculates the social insurance (employee share / company share) as well as the employee's employment tax payable with the printing of employee payrolls.
  • Provision for leave of absence, leave and other benefits are calculated on a monthly basis
  • We also enable the system to obtain numerous reports that analyze all financial transactions performed on employees during the month such as payroll / employee salaries during the staff period / installments - staff / staff advances - staff / absence.