Project Management System

The Byte Project Management System provides complete software in a single package, it can manage your project requirements, and the program is therefore interested in:

  •  Project Management is organized and organized to reflect your performance and production. It equates simple project management with cross-cutting and complex projects.
  • It allows the user to schedule scheduling and tracking all project activities and deal with all its components and components.
  • The program starts its work by accepting all the data of managing your next project from resources of all kinds, whether human resources, equipment or other.
  •  The program then begins to give you a very advanced ability to use and handle the tasks that suit you.
  • As for the integration of resources and tasks there is nothing wrong with the allocation. The process of dealing with the project is carried out normally until we reach the project management capabilities in general and identify the status of each project


Byte for Project Management has powerful software capable of dealing with multiple and interrelated projects covering project management areas ranging from project building planning, scheduling progress tracking etc. to helping project managers to plan and allocate resources, monitor progress, manage budgets and analyze workload. You work in the field of construction, engineering, consulting, business and software development, or even working on simple projects you can use byte for project management. It will help you complete your project as planned, on time and within budget. If you have interrelated projects and certain tasks from one project depends on the other tasks of the other projects then you have to opt in to the multi-project version. More ... You must choose the project formula for a topic if you have resources that work in multiple projects. Otherwise the single project version is enough.Here are some of the main reasons to use the project theme bytes for project management:
  • Manage the company's projects and share resources among them
  • Provides a clean way to break your project, build schedules, allocate resources, and manage budgets
  • Access to financial resources and under control (from the cost estimates - distribution mechanisms screening - time - cash flow for tasks and resources)
  • It provides you a step by step guide project that walks you through the project management process so you can plan your project immediately
  • Provides different scenarios across multiple undo / redo levels allowing you to make changes and get safe
  • Develop a track project on task completion, time and costs

The System in Points

  • Linking with the General Proficiency Program
  • Linking with fixed assets to load equipment and consume it on project items
  • Linking with the procurement cycle 
  • Linking with the warehouse cycle.
  • Linking with the affairs of the workers to link the operations with the employment.
  • Linking with subcontractors at project level - project items - phases of project items.
  • Accounting linkage to project abstracts.
  • Upload the extracts to the end customer or sub-customer.
  • Archive and link directly to images and project drawings.
  • Follow-up stages of the project
  • The estimated costs of the project (from its employees - expenses - machinery and equipment - materials)
  • Comparison between estimated and actual expenses and follow-up deviation.
  • Transfer of labor from project to project from stage to stage.
  • Transfer of machinery and equipment from project to project.
  • Rental equipment from outside the company for some operations.
  • Follow up and visit sites and find out the causes of deviation and make recommendations.
  • It is possible to deal with the profitability of the project as a whole or only one item of the project
  • Print periodic and customized reports on the project stages with the diagram